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LogicBoxes is considered the foremost authority in ICANN Accreditation Consulting. Infact, since our inception 7 years ago, we have already consulted over 70 companies, from over 15 countries, in obtaining their ICANN Accreditation.

For most applicants, the ICANN Accreditation process takes a long time due to lack of information and improper/incomplete applications. This leads to multiple iterations, taking them more time, effort and money. However, having gone through it multiple times, the LogicBoxes Consultancy team has perfected the Accreditation process. Our extensive experience allows us to assist aspiring Registrars in obtaining ICANN Accreditation in the most cost-effective way, with minimal time and resource commitments from their side.

How does this work?

As your consulting partner, we take your ICANN Accreditation endeavor right from researching your company’s potential as an ICANN Accredited Registrar, building the application, liaising with ICANN and the various Registries, understanding all implications, completing the OT&E Tests etc., all the way to setting you up Live as an ICANN Accredited Registrar.

A typical flowchart of the entire turn-key accreditation process at a Macro Level would be:

Assisting you in a feasibility study

Our consultancy team will carry out a basic feasibility study of your business to determine if you have reached the required level of registration volume to justify an ICANN Accreditation, and if it would contribute in achieving your business goals.

Preparing your Application

In depth knowledge of every aspect of the accreditation application form along with best practices followed by our consulting team, has resulted in establishing a flawless application process.

Assisting you in collating necessary documentation

Our experience, knowledge and networking enables applicants to arrange for all the large variety of necessary documents (bank statements, insurance certificates, etc.) in the shortest possible time frame.

Liaise with ICANN on your behalf

Once the application is dispatched, our team will liaise with ICANN on a continuous basis to discuss your application. Any doubts, issues, queries raised by ICANN are solved in the shortest possible time frame.

Liaise with the multiple Registries on your behalf

Apart from the ICANN Accreditation, our team will liaise with multiple Registries to complete their respective application processes.

Coordinating and completing all OT&E tests

All Registrars need to pass a technical test with each Registry. Ordinarily, this process would take two weeks of development time, and two days subsequently to perform each test. However, our extensive experience with these tests, enable us to breeze through these in 24 hours.

Why LogicBoxes?

Save Time

  • Guaranteed 3 month turnaround time:
    Full refund of the initial consultancy fee if Accreditation isn’t approved within 3 months of application.
  • Streamlined Single Iteration processing:
    Single email exchange required to prepare the application and highly optimized processes to minimize client iterations.
  • ICANN Recognized and Approved Registrar System:
    Registry connectivity system trusted by ICANN enables faster application processing by ICANN.

Save Effort

  • Assistance with documentation:
    Assistance in collating client side documents like insurance covers, company and financial documents, etc. in the ICANN prescribed formats.
  • ICANN & Registry Compliance Counseling:
    Client counseling on ALL ICANN related issues, surveys, compliance checks, etc. as well as ALL Registrar level domain dispute handling (UDRP, WIPO, etc.).
  • OT&E tests handling included:
    Managing/Executing OT&E tests for all gTLDs on behalf of the Registrar eliminating need for Registrar to learn Registry systems, investing development resources and reducing overall time required to go live with the registries.
  • Dedicated Registrar Consultant:
    Dedicated Consultant for ongoing client counseling on ICANN Accreditation related matters, Registrar marketing consultancy, technical implementations, etc.

Save Money

  • Zero opportunity cost:
    Nominal client involvement required since most of the processes are handled by LogicBoxes.

How/Where do you Start?

Start by assessing the feasibility of an ICANN Accreditation for your company at Zero cost. Fill in our simple 3 step ICANN Accreditation Feasibility questionnaire and our consultants will revert to you with a 360° Cost Benefit Analysis.

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